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FinishLynx FAT

FinishLynx is a world leader in automatic timing technology. It is commonly used in many venues/sports including:

  • Track and Field
  • Speed Skating – short and long track
  • Bicycle Racing
  • Horse Racing
  • Auto Racing
  • Crew and Rowing Sports
  • Many more

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Timing Methods

It is fascinating to see various timing methods and how they work. Over the past few years the predominant method of timing large events like road runs and larger cross country invitationals has been RFID-tags (Radio Frequency Identification).

There multi-sport chips can be worn by triathletes using soft neoprene straps.

These multi-sport chips can be worn by triathletes using soft neoprene straps.

Historically a permanent (and expensive) tag was worn on the shoe in road running for example. More recently advances in technology and hardware have allowed the use of disposable tags worn on a shoe or even on a bib. Currently that is the method most commonly used in many larger races. However many smaller events in the interest of environmental factors with disposable RFID tags are returning to the greener alternative of re-useable shoe tags. In fact many smaller events can be adequately timed in near real time using a bib-pull timing method.

For events that require huge levels of precision such as horse racing, motor sports, bicycling and track and field competitions FinishLynx or other Fully Automatic Timing (FAT) methods are employed. With FinishLynx, a timer is triggered, most often by a gun going off or an electronic starting device. Then when the participant finishes their image is captured.

No matter what sport you wish to have timed, and no matter the method, RFID, FinishLynx FAT, or bib-pull, you have reached the right place to find a competent timer.