United States Timing

Welcome to United States Timing! Event directors can provide the best experience to the participants in road races, cross country, track and field, bike races, triathlons and duathlons, and many other events by providing experienced quality timers.

We have assembled a group of timers throughout the United States and Canada who have the experience, equipment and personnel to provide you with high quality chip timing, fully automatic timing and bib pull timing resources that you need.

Our timers have experience doing many types of timing including:

  1. Road Runs
  2. Bicycle Races (Cyclo Cross, Enduro, TT, Road, Criterium)
  3. Track and Field
  4. Open Water Swimming
  5. Triathlon, Duathlon, etc.
  6. Team Relays
  7. Canoe, Kayak and Rowing
  8. Horse (and Burro) Racing
  9. Automobile Racing
  10. Dragon and Drag Boats
  11. Remote Control Vehicles
  12. Many More

Interested in finding a timer in your state? Please contact us at: info@unitedstatestiming.com

Want to be added to our network as a timer?  Just let us know.